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MODERN WRITING 37 E 113 PERFECT FOR EVERY POCKET AND EVERY KIND OF MEETING: DESIGN WITH AN INNOVATIVE PUSH MECHANISM. The ultimate pocket pen: an innovative metal ballpoint pen with a push mechanism. Compact, handy design without compromising on per formance. Design: Franco Clivio Full size Pocket size Ballpoint pen 288 laserorange Ballpoint pen 288 black New: Ballpoint pen 288 neon pink Ballpoint pen 288 white Ballpoint pen 289 chrome Writing system Model number Refill Body Case pico ballpoint pen 289 chrome M 22; black M laser engraving E 113 pico ballpoint pen 288 M 22; black M tampo print (288 white: tampo print, laser engraving) E 113 288 is available in the following colours: