Lamy, premium pens

PREMIUM WRITING 67 E 182 Fountain pen 092 BlkBlk A SERIES OF WRITING INSTRUMENTS THAT EFFORTLESSLY UNITES ATTITUDE AND STYLE. LAMY imporium – the ex traordinar y family of writing instruments from Lamy. This captivating range boasts an exciting combination of functional design, sturdy structure and first-class materials, includ- ing gold, platinum and titanium, all beautifully finished with the use of top-qualit y PVD coatings and galvanisation in a range of designs. This combination gives the range its unmistakable appearance and produces a luxurious feel when writing. Design: Mario Bellini Rollerball pen 393 TiPt Mechanical pencil 193 TiPt Ballpoint pen 260 BlkAu All writing systems are available in the following colours: Writing system Model number Refill/Nib Cap/Clip Case imporium fountain pen 092 / 060 / 093 gold nib laser engraving E 182 imporium ballpoint pen 292 / 260 / 293 M 16; black M laser engraving E 182 imporium mechanical pencil 192/160/193 M 40; 0,7 mm laser engraving E 182 imporium rollerball pen 392 / 360 / 393 M 63; black M laser engraving E 182