Lamy, premium pens

52 53 E 119 E 180 E 131 V 60 V 52 E 188 SETS SHOW HOW FULL SERVICE REALLY WORKS – WITH A LAMY SET. Lamy sets can be put together individually with a leather etui or notebook and one or two writing instruments from the following series: LAMY logo, LAMY econ, LAMY pur, LAMY noto, LAMY studio and LAMY scala. In addition, the grey set with notebook is available with an optional, ex tensive inser t that can be individually printed on two sides. set case with leather case logo, econ set book with notebook logo, econ, pur, noto set slipcase set slipcase with notebook logo, econ, pur, noto, studio, scala advertising insert optional set insert, digital print up to 4 colours according to customer specifications Examples of customisation Set slipcase CASES THE BETTER THE PACKAGING THE MORE FUN IT IS TO OPEN. St ylishly packaged writing instruments make high-qualit y, sophisticated gif ts. Per fect for strengthening business relationships, as tokens of appreciation or as incentives. Optional packaging Model number carton box (one or two writing instruments) V 60 carton tube (not suitable for surface „brushed“) V 52 acrylic tube E 131 carton box (one or two writing instruments) E 119 metal case E 180 carton box E 188 The form of packaging may be subject to change without notice. Set book Set case