Lamy, premium pens

PREMIUM WRITING 55 E 180 Several writing instruments rolled into one: a ballpoint pen with black, red and blue inks and a mechanical pencil. Available in a premium palladium finish, mat t black lacquer or an aluminium colour. Can be customised using interchangeable grips. Design: Phoenix Design Multisystem pen 497 accent black Multisystem pen 496 accent Al / KK Writing system Model number Refill Body/Clip  Case accent multisystem pen 496/497 M 21; black, red, blue / M 40; 0,7 mm tampo print, laser engraving (497, clip only) E 180 Ballpoint pen refill M 21 black Ballpoint pen refill M 21 blue Ballpoint pen refill M 21 red WHEN VERSATILITY MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE TO YOUR COMPANY. Lead refill mechanism M 40 (0,7 mm) Optional packaging available (see page 53).